This is a very interesting topic. The state of flow. I'll bet not many people have heard of it, but probably everyone has experienced it. Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly realize you been thinking about something with such concentration that you seemed to be driving on autopilot? How about working on a project and was so into what you were doing that time seemed to not exist and got away from you? Hours passed by and it seemed like minutes. that is the flow state. It's a state of mind where you disconnect from reality, and let your sub-conscience take over. It's usually not something most people consciously think about. Let me try to explain this very real state, and see if we can apply it to our everyday life.

I'm such a firm believer that mankind has a very special place on this earth. We've been given some very special abilities and considering the length of time man has been on the earth, we have only recently tapped into them. Our understanding of the human brain and consciousness until recently has been a real mystery. But science is now telling us a very different story. In fact, we just recently discovered some wonderful truths concerning how our brains function. I think it's a part of our body we spend very little time getting to know, but it would benefit us greatly to understand. So let's dive into this subject and see what truths we can discover.

First, we need to understand what flow state is. Flow is the mental state that when an individual performing some kind of activity is completely immersed in a feeling of energized focus and enjoyment. It has also been said that flow is an altered state of consciousness. The mind functions at its full capabilitytime seems distorted as if it doesn't exist, and you are full of joy and happiness. When I hear this, several things come to my mind that we can take away from it. First off flow is a state of mind. This is a state in which your mind has control. It's not a physical or conscious state.