There are many things in life that we feel we can live without, but one thing that we should never go one day without is an inspiration. Just think how much better your day would be if you focused on one thing that inspired you. What is it that brings us to the place of joy in our life? Is it a bird singing? Is it your dog-loving on you? No matter what it is, it's a great feeling that needs tsunflowero be cultivated and converted into something good.

Every day I look for an inspirational opportunity and pass it along as a deed of goodwill to someone. There are too much division and hatred these days, and we need to come together as one people, connecting to one other, seeking to understand the day-to-day sufferings each of us goes through. You never know what type of suffering someone is going through. You can't see into their lives to understand what is going on, but a simple act of kindness can change their whole day's outlook.
You may not be able to tell if someone is suffering inside, but you sure can tell when they are happy. Connecting to each other in simple ways. That is all we need to do. Look for small opportunities that create large differences. We need only to seek inspiration, then pass on the joy it brings us which will inspire others to do the same. I wonder if inspiration is seeking us out, but distractions in our lives prevent us from seeing it?