The problem with us humans is, we are stuck between the present and the past. We have not yet figured out how to overcome this problem. What binds us to our inability to move forward or backward is time itself. But time is only an illusion. An illusion governed by our memory. Without memory, there is no time. Remembering our past causes us to create a timeline of events that are spatial vectors. We cannot see beyond the moment, each moment creates a new spatial vector for the past. clock

We can plan our future. We can make decisions at a moment, but we cannot live a moment in the future. It is interesting that we write books and scripts for movies that are futuristic. Sometimes they even become real. This is what some scientist say that our consciousness is writing our future. It is expressing its future self in our writings. 

Even so, we continue to plot along towards what is our future, but we are only writing memories to the timeline of the past.